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File Setup for Reverse Bound Books


A binding style called reverse binding is used for books with right-to-left content. When the book is closed and you are gazing at the front cover, the spine is on the right side, and the pages open on the left. 

This format is commonly used with languages such as :
  1. Arabic
  2. Hebrew
  3. Kurdish (Sorani)
  4. Persian/Farsi
  5. Urdu

These language books' text runs from the right side of the page to the left. It will be necessary to arrange the files for printing differently from how a typical left-to-right bound book would be.

Books PDF

Reverse page order should be used to arrange the pages. 
The last page of text should be presented as the first page of the PDF and the first page of the text presented as the last page of the PDF. The same guidelines and regulations apply to both coloured and black-and-white books.

To prevent an undesirable shifting of the pagination of the internal material, PDFs must be delivered with an even number of pages.

Cover Design

Every cover is manually made by our team after we get a new book in one of the languages mentioned above. The cover will be created by our Pre-Media team.

For any help on this or assistance please contact our support team at
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