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General FAQ's

What is

Writat, is a platform that gives you the freedom to publish your book for free and sell it across the globe. We help new and establish authors to write their books and sell them using our professionally managed website. 
Publishing your book with us is very easy
Download our predefined template
  1. Write your book
  2. Create the Books PDF
  3. Upload it on your author’s Dashboard
  4. Select a predefined cover from our Book Covers Gallery which has more than 500 different designs
  5. You are now a published author. 
All this for free.
Please note, we are not a traditional book publishing company and we do not evaluate each and every project. We just provide a platform to authors for publishing their books. We reserve the right to remove any content which may be illegal or inappropriate.

Can I publish using a pen name/pseudonym?

Yes! you can use a pen name, pseudonym etc., to publish your book. Just enter it in the Author field when you create a new project.

You as an author remain the copyright holder of your work. We do not hold any rights over your work.
We take allegations of copyright and privacy violations very seriously. In case we receive any notice about violation of copyright or infringement of rights. We would take down your content from all our platforms and distribution till there is any settlement on it. 

Which all formats do you publish in?

We publish books as Hardback, Paperback & ebook.

What is Print On Demand (POD)?

Print on demand is a method of printing a book at the time an order is received for it.  Traditionally a publisher would print thousands of copies store them in a warehouse and sell them based on demand. But under POD the books are only printed on demand. POD helps in reducing unwanted stocks of books and helps a publisher/author to publish more books within the same budget.

I have published my book through another platform with similar size of book, can I use the same files to publish with Writat?

Generally all the major book publishing platforms use industry standard specifications to publish books. Hence yes, we can use the same files. However there may still be some exceptions.
For such type of cases, we suggest you open your free account with Writat, submit your files and our team will review the same.
Incase its ok we will publish the book, otherwise our team will get back to you with the errors we faced.

Please note to re-publish your book with us, you may have to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your publisher.

How much does it cost to publish through Writat?

Publishing your paperback through Writat is absolutely free., You read it right it’s free no hidden charges nothing. We only take a percentage of profits earned by the author in every sale. So this is a win-win situation for both.
Publishing a book as a Hardback & eBook does take a little extra effort, hence we do charge a very small amount if you wish to publish your book as a Hardback & eBook.

How much do I earn?

In the free publishing package the author earn 80% profits of all sales. In paid packages it depends on which package you opt for. The profit sharing percentages in paid packages are as below


To see how the profits are calculated follow us here.

Will I be forced to buy copies of my book?

No, Writat does not impose its authors to buy any copies of your own book published through our platform. However, we also recommend you to at least buy one copy of it, just so that you can carry it along with you wherever you are and which in turn will help in its promotion. Not only that you can also pose with your book to click a picture that can be uploaded on social media and you can tag us at @writatofficial to get featured on our social media channels.

Can I also publish through another publishing company?

As we have a non-exclusive contract you as an author are free to publish your books through any other publisher.

Does Writat provide any free copies to the authors?

No, we do not provide any free copies of your book to you. Free copies of books are only provided under paid packages. To learn more click here

In case you wish you can buy your book for your personal use at the printing cost and of course a little shipping cost too.
We do not have any minimum order for you. As an author, you have the freedom to place an order as minimum as 1 copy.

Will all copies of my book ever printed look the same?

Though we try to print all the copies the same, in case the same type of paper is not available we may print the book on the best alternative available.

How do I write and format my book?

We have prepared a guide for you. This would help in writing your book. You can also download our templates for writing your book. Click here to read our Book Formatting Guide.

How can I make changes in the books once I have submitted it for publishing?

Once you have submitted your books for publishing our team will evaluate the qualities of the books in terms of formatting and alignment and match the details provided in the website with the details of the books submitted. In case any details provided doesn’t matches we will put your book on hold and notify you through email regarding the same. You can make any changes in your book on the authors dashboard and submit the newly updated book.
You can also email our support team at or you can even raise a ticket from the authors dashboard.

How will I get paid for sales in other currencies apart from my base currency like Pounds, Euro or the INR?

All your sales will get reflected in the authors dashboard currency wise. And payments will be made as per schedule. Authors compensation will be paid in respective currencies in which they are sold.
For eg. Mary who stays in USA has sold 3 copies of her book in Euro, will be paid directly into her US bank account after converting Euros to USD based on the current exchange rates. 

I have a Query that is not listed here?

You can access a collection of articles of "how-to" that would help you with many queries like how to create, publish and distribute a book.
You can also visit our blog at to view the latest articles that provide a lot of information about the publishing industry and also features a learning center that could help you in writing and marketing your book.
Still, if you feel you have some questions unanswered please feel free to get in touch with our Support team by creating a ticket. You just need to click here.