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What is a Book Format or Binding Type?


A book format, is a way a book is published and made available for sale. The bookbinding type is a method to assemble a book from a stack of paper sheets by folding and sewing them.
Bookbinding comes in f main types :
  1. Case binding (Hardback)
  2. Perfect binding (Paperback)
Case Binding
Also called Hardback or Hardcover. In this method, the book's inside pages are sewn together in sections. These sections are then glued to the end-papers, which are eventually glued to the cover's spine, which is made of stiff card board type material.
The cost of Case binding is higher than its counterpart, Perfect Binding. But are preferred by Libraries and collectors as it has a longer shelf life.

Perfect Binding

Also called Paperback or Softcover, the binding method is almost similar to that of the Hardcase, except the cover is printed on a heavy cardstock paper.
A Perfect Bound book's cost is always lesser than that of the Hardback. This is generally preferred by end consumers buying books for personal collection.

Other Formats

Few more popular formats in which books are published are eBooks and Audio Book. publishes books as Hardback, Paperback & eBook formats.

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