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Uploading New Book


Once you upload your verification documents, update your address and your bank details a button stating "Start Your New Project" will appear. Click on this button and you will get a pop up screen with the Service Agreement (as shown below) you will have to read the terms, scrool down and check the box where it says "I Agree" and click Next.

After this please follow the following steps;

Step 1 - Book Information

Once you click on next you will get a screen which says "Book Information".

On this page you will have to fill in details like, Book Name, Books Subtitle, Language and its Copyright Status. After this click next

Step 2 - Author & Contribution

In this Step you will have to fill in details of Conributors of the book and a small blurb about them. In total you can add upto three different type of contributors. After filling in all the details click next

Step 3 - Genre & Audience

In this step you will have to fill in details of the book like its Genre, you can select upto three different genres for the book.
Add some keywords that relate to your book and topics.
Lastly, write a small one or two paragraphs about your book. This descripton of the book will be used by all the online stores to market your book.
After filling all the details, click next.

Step 4 - Print Information

In this step you will have to provide us with the Print Information of your book. You will have to choose the size of your pdf file that you have created, the books interior colour that you desire, paper type, cover lamination and total number of pages in your pdf.
Please note if you fill in wrong details the publication of your book will be put on a hold and you will have to perform all these steps once again.
To know on how to format your script and create pdf, please view here.
After filling all the details, click next.

Step 5 - Manage Book

On this page you will get the option to upgrade to other formats for your book. By default we offer free Paperback publishing for your book, but in case you wish to publish your book as a Hardback and eBook you will get an option to upgrade to it. The cost for the same is
  1. Hardback + eBook = US$ 39.00
  2. Hardback = US$ 30.00
  3. eBook = US$ 30.00
You can either opt for an upgrade or just scroll down and click Next.

Step 6 - Price Information

On this page you will be provided with all the financials of your book. Based on page numbers, size and printing your per book printing cost will be provided here. Based on market trends we would also provide you with the minimum and maximum suggested price for your book. You will not be able to set the books price below the minimum suggested price.
You will also know about your share you would earn on every sale.

In case you opt for Hardback or eBook their prices will also relflect below. After setting your price, please click next.

Step 7 - Upload Manuscript

On this page you will now upload your books final pdf. Please ensure you have done all the check as mentioned here before uploading the pdf.
Upload your pdf and click next.

Step 8 - Choose Cover

In this step, you will get an option to view our gallery of 500 plus designs of book covers from which you can choose from for your cover. In case you do not wish to use any of our designs you can also click on the check box above that says "I would like to update my own cover" and our team will get back to you for your design that you wish to have on the book cover.
If you have a design we will take it from you and use it for the book cover without any extra cost.
In case we need to customize the design it may be subject to extra charges. You can contact our team for the same.

Click next

Step 9 - Book Publication Date

In this step you will have to choose the date on which you wish to publish your book. After selecting click next.

After Step 9 in case you have selected for an upgrade you will taken to our Payment Gateway for payment, or else this would be the last step and you will get a Thank You page.

Once you send your script our team will take 7-10 working days to process it and publish your book.

For any query please feel free to email us at support@writat.com
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