Formatting Book pages to Self Publish a book with

Preparing your Book


Now that you have downloaded the template based on your liking, made styles for your book and selected the fonts to be used. Now comes the time when you need to start writing or copying text into your file.

Create Front Pages

Create your font pages with all the contents as desired. Please make sure to include the mandatory pages.

Always remember to use section break when you finish the front pages and begin to write the Body Matter. To insert a section break, go to the Layout tab. In the "Page Setup" section, click Breaks, and select Section Breaks – Next Page.

Create Body Matter

Once you have created your front pages, now it is time to create the main " Body Matter". Always remember to insert a section break on the last page of Front Matter. 

To insert a section break, go to the Layout tab. In the "Page Setup" section, click Breaks, and select Section Breaks - Next Page.

Now you would be on a new page and start writing or copying your text here. Please note generally the first chapter of every book starts from the right facing page / odd number page. Rest all other chapters can start from the next page after the last chapter is finished. 

Always remember to insert a page break after every chapter to begin a new chapter. For e.g., if chapter 1 finishes on page 71. Use the page break after the last paragraph and begin chapter 2 from page 72.

Create Closing Pages

Once you have created your Body Matter, it's now time to create " Closing Pages". This stage also marks the end of your book.
Once this is done just run through the entire script once to ensure everything is in order.

Insert Page Numbers

Once all the above three sections i.e. Opening Pages, Body Matter and Closing Pages have been made, it's now time to run through your script. After you have run through your script you should now insert page numbers into your script.

Steps to enter page numbers are :

  1. Go to the first chapter page. Place cursor before the first character of the Chapter.
  2. Go on layout, breaks, under the section breaks click next break.
  3. Now, depending on whether you want your page numbers in the header or footer, go to insert click on page number and use the style you like.
  4. In the "Navigation section," un-click Link to Previous. This will prevent page numbers from showing up on your title, copyright, and table of contents pages.
  5. Once done press escape button to come out.
  6. Save your file

Final Submission of File

Once you have taken care of all the above details, you need to create a final PDF of your book and submit it along with the metadata on your Authors Dashboard. Before submitting your final PDF please check that all the fonts are embedded in your file.

Creating a PDF File

There are many ways to create a pdf from your MS Word file. The best way is to use the export option in your MS Word taskbar.
You may click on File Menu - Export or Save as. For a step by step guide please see the below link.

You can also view this video here on our YouTube channel, it gives a complete walkthrough on how to create and prepare your book for Self Publishing with

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