How to publish a book for Free |

Free book publishing with Writat, how does it work?

Writat, offer free book publishing solutions to authors. Under this option, an author must upload a print-ready pdf file of the book.
If an author wishes to opt for the professional services of our team, you may view our Publishing Plans here.

Learn how to get a book published for free

Just follow few steps, and you are a published author.

Step 1 - Open Free Account

To begin publishing, you need to open a free account on our website here.

Step 2 - Start a New Project

Once on the Dashboard, click on "Start Your New Project" and go through the terms and conditions. On acceptance click I Agree and Next. You can view this in detail here

Step 3 - Fill Book Information

Fill in Book Information like books name, author's name, genre etc. Read more about it here or watch a step-by-step video on how to submit a book.

Step 4 - Choose Publishing Format

Writat offers free book publishing as a Paperback version. You also have an option to upgrade your book as an eBook and Hardback. The cost of the upgrade is :

Price applicable Globally
Price in India
US$ 30.00
INR 1999/-
US$ 30.00
INR 1999/-

Step 5 - Upload Final PDF

Upload the final formatted pdf file of your book. Watch this video here, to learn how to format a Manuscript on Microsoft Word and convert it into a PDF.

Step 6 - Cover Design

Choose from our gallery of pre-designed covers for your book or opt to send us your design.

Step 7 - Book is Published

You are now a Published Author. Our Pre-Media team takes about 6-7 working days to process and publish your book.

For any queries, please feel free to contact our support team here.

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