How to publish a book for Free |

Free book publishing with Writat, how does it work?

Writat, offer free book publishing solutions to authors. Under this option, an author must upload a print-ready pdf file of the book.
If an author wishes to opt for the professional services of our team, you may view our Publishing Plans here.

How to Publish book for Free

Just follow few steps, and you are a published author.

Step 1 - Open Free Account

To begin publishing, you need to open a free account on our website here.

Step 2 - Start a New Project

Once on the Dashboard, click on "Start Your New Project" and go through the terms and conditions. On acceptance click I Agree and Next. You can view this in detail here

Step 3 - Fill Book Information

Fill in Book Information like books name, author's name, genre etc. Read more about it here or watch a step-by-step video on how to submit a book.

Step 4 - Choose Publishing Format

Writat offers free book publishing as a Paperback version. You also have an option to upgrade your book as an eBook and Hardback. The cost of the upgrade is :

Price applicable Globally
Price in India
US$ 30.00
INR 1999/-
US$ 30.00
INR 1999/-

Step 5 - Upload Final PDF

Upload the final formatted pdf file of your book. Watch this video here, to learn how to format a Manuscript on Microsoft Word and convert it into a PDF.

Step 6 - Cover Design

Choose from our gallery of pre-designed covers for your book or opt to send us your design.

Step 7 - Book is Published

You are now a Published Author. Our Pre-Media team takes about 6-7 working days to process and publish your book.

For any queries, please feel free to contact our support team here.

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